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A smiling toddler in a black jacket holds a blue ball next to a playground at Community School for People Under Six in Carrboro, NC

About Community School for People under Six

The Community School for People under Six is a unique day school that provides a fulfilling environment for children while teaching a community-based, multicultural program in Carrboro, NC, and surrounding communities. Our mission is to provide high-quality early care and education for all children, specifically low and middle-income families, while also providing advanced educational opportunities for teachers.

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A young child in a dinosaur jacket rakes leaves outside at Community School for People Under Six in Carrboro, NC

Our History

In September 1970, Community School for People under Six opened its doors as a parent/staff cooperative to meet the need for low-cost, high-quality child care for low and middle-income families. Originally located on the border between black and white communities to serve as a bridge between them, our school remains nestled among a diverse community.

We make sure children are aware of differences, whether cultural, physical, national, or racial, and educate them on inclusivity, appreciation, and teamwork. Children are taught to appreciate and value these differences while also recognizing the many ways we are similar. We educate the next generation to develop concepts, attitudes, and skills to generate tolerance and understanding necessary for us to live in harmony in a diverse world.

School administrators in masks discuss while standing in a hallway

Fully Staffed Child Care

As a private organization licensed by North Carolina, Community School for People under Six employs a team of NC Institute for Child Development Professionals certified early childhood educators. Our team loves children and takes pride in guiding, encouraging, and teaching them throughout these formative years.

We appreciate great volunteers committed to early learning and development. Also, we encourage teachers interested in employment to call us. We offer competitive salaries and benefits. If you are interested in volunteering or working at Community School for People under Six, don’t hesitate to contact!

A baby plays a game with balls with an older person in a yellow shirt

Anna Mercer-McLean, Director

Community School for People Under Six in Carrboro, NC Director Anna Mercer McLean

Since 1991, Anna Mercer- McLean (B.B.A/M.S) has been a part of children’s lives through Community School for People under Six. She upholds the mission and vision of garnering a positive community-based, multicultural education for children.

Keisha Cosby, Toddler A Teacher

Faith McLean, Toddler B Lead Teacher

Hello Beautiful People! I am Faith McLean, the current Toddler B Lead Teacher. My spill about me is very simple, I have always been around early education from being a past student of Community School to coming back to volunteer and now being an early educator myself. I am a person who loves children and who has always loved to help others grow. I chose to become an early educator because this is the prime and precious years of every human being on this earth, when they are five and under this is when they learn the most and grow the fastest. I wouldn’t miss being apart of something that powerful. To mature young minds, shaping them into the very people we have so much honor and respect for; medical professionals , political professionals, scientific professionals, law enforcement, safety enforcement, labor workers, entrepreneurs, educators, and so many more professionals. Knowledge is power and to be the one to provide it is an honor. I am proud to be an early educator to our young minds who will one day be our future leaders.

Sophia Mitchell, Toddler B Teacher

I love working with young children. I have been in the field over 35 years working with all ages.  

Olga Aguilar, 2/3 Teacher

I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas. My job at CSPU6, has truly been a blessing to me in many ways. Being around children has taught me many things, but mostly, patience. I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Kristi Royster, 2/3 Teacher

Kristi Royster adores working with young children. She considers it a privilege to be an essential part of their early education. Building a solid foundation during the most formative years of brain development is an honor that Kristi doesn’t take lightly. She nurtures a fun, exciting environment for the kids and never ceases to be amazed by the little people!

Beth Pierce, 4/5 NC Pre-K Teacher

Substitute Teachers

Hind Ouammou, Substitute Teacher

Hind Ouammou loves teaching the Toddler A class. Originally from Morocco, she enjoys spending every day with the kids. She realized that being around young children teaches us just as much as we teach them. They let you embrace your inner childlike wonder. She enjoys helping the kids grow and flourish with her kindhearted, excited teaching.

Evelyn, Substitute Teacher

If you have any questions for our staff of educators here at Community School for People under Six, don’t hesitate to call or contact us today!

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