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Community School for People Under Six

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Tuition help

CSPU6 accepts diverse funding sources to support family tuition including subsidy vouchers from Department of Social Services, scholarships through local Smart Start Partnerships, local Resources and Referral Agency funding such as United Way or University scholarships, NC Pre- Kindergarten funds, and local government funding to support scholarships for enrolled families that reside in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area. Further, families who pay the fees themselves and others support the school.

Monthly tuition fees


$1,535.00 - Infants

$1,455.00 - Toddler A/B Class

$1,355.00 - Two Year Olds (2/3 Class)

$1,210.00 - Three Year Olds (2/3 Class)

$1,135.00 - Four/Five Year Olds (4/5 Class)


Flexible plans

•  Full-Time (above) (5days)

  (over 37.5 - 50 hours)

•  Three Quarter Time (4 days)

  (26 - 37.5 hours)

•  Half-Time (3 days)

  (25 hours or less)


Lower rates available





Our staff will work with your child's specific needs.


Our staff is dedicated to your child's education.

See your child's knowledge grow right before your eyes.

We offer flexible plans to fit your schedule and needs.

CSPU6 provides early care and education to all children. We offer full time, three-quarter and half-time care to support the diverse needs of families.  

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