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Community School for People Under Six

Preparing Our Children for a Brighter Tomorrow

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Since 1970.

The school was started in September 1970 as a parent/staff cooperative to meet the need for low cost, quality child care for low and middle-income families. Originally located on the border between the Black and White communities to serve as a bridge between them, CSPU6 remains nestled among a diverse community.


At Community School, the children are made aware of differences (cultural, physical, national, racial, etc.).  They are taught to appreciate and value these differences while also recognizing the many ways in which people are similar.  We believe that one is never to young (or too old) to begin to develop the concepts, attitudes and skills that generate the tolerance and understanding necessary for us to live in harmony in a diverse world.


CSPU6 is a private, nonprofit program licensed by North Carolina. A board of directors consisting of community, parents, and staff members oversees the program. Scheduled volunteers from the community and consultants from various organizations support the center staff.


The Community School for People under Six (CSPU6) is a unique day school offering a multicultural, community-based program to children and families in the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area. The mission is to provide high quality early care and education for all children, specifically low and middle income families; while providing advanced educational opportunities for teachers.

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We offer:


Caring staff


Our mission is to prepare

children and families for

a greater tomorrow.

Family support

We offer support through education and programs.

Educational growth is a priority

at Community School for

People under Six.

Our staff cares about children, families, and the community

at large.

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