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Community School for People Under Six

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Creative Curriculum

Multicultural learning

Creative Curriculum helps to put a multicultural lens on learning.  We share 20 different cultures and/or combination of cultures such as  Israeli, Arab, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Native American, Indian, African American, Japanese, Korean, Hispanic, Asian, Chinese, American, and British.

Infants and Toddlers

For children under 2, the curriculum serves as a framework for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate programs. The Curriculum focuses on building relationships, knowing infants and toddlers and their families and building a network of community support. Goal and objective areas include:  Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language development.


The Curriculum is environmentally-based and focuses on goals and objectives for children's learning and development. Like the infant/toddler curriculum- Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language Development are key. The Curriculum allows you to apply child development and learning theories to the everyday work with children.

4 Areas of Creative Curriculum

Community School for People under Six follows the Creative Curriculum written by Diane Trister Dodge of Teaching Strategies.

We focus on a multicultural and community-based philosophy.

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Parents and staff


Providing the proper materials

to aid in goals.


Creation of goals for children and learning.

Experiences help children reach their necessary goals.

Parents and staff help encourage children to reach

their goals.